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Self swimming kick how to kick in freestyle

2022-06-30 06:42Hangzhou natatorium
Summary: How to kick in freestyleFreestyle kick skills freestyle kick action Essentials: five pithy phrases 1. thigh drive; 2. bend knees and press down; 3. straight knee up; 4. take turns with both feet; 5. s
How to kick in freestyle
Freestyle kick skills freestyle kick action Essentials: five pithy phrases 1. thigh drive; 2. bend knees and press down; 3. straight knee up; 4. take turns with both feet; 5. staggered kick; Explanation of the specific action of kick in freestyle: 1. when kicking, the legs are slightly straight, the knees are relaxed, and the feet are flat, forming a "eight character" insideHow to make the kick of Freestyle easy and effective
Freestyle kicks are labor-saving and effective: thigh driving, knee bending and pressing, straight knee moving up, feet taking turnSelf swimming kick  how to kick in freestyles and staggered kicking. When practicing, try to put your body in a flat position, exert force at a uniform speed and breathe evenly. The state after overall coordination is the most labor-saving and efficient state. There will be insufficient air at the initial stageHow to kSelf swimming kick  how to kick in freestyleick well in freestyle
1. When kicking, try not to bend the knee joint, keep the instep straight, and draw water by the strength of the thigh ~~2 Don't pump water out of the water! There is no power to fight on the surface of the water, because you fight with air, not water. You can do an experiment: put your two hands under the water, one hand vigorously pushes the water towards the other hand, and the other
Freestyle kick
Kick in freestyle requires whip kick, which requires a certain degree of flexibility. The starting point is in the thigh, and the force is gradually transferred to the calf and even the toe. Although many coaches require straight legs and splashing when teaching, in fact, this is not the correct kicking action. Its main purpose is to correct the problems of excessively bent legs and low feet. KickTips and techniques of Freestyle what is kick
When the speed is high, use 6 legs, 2 arms and 1 ventilation for complete cooperation; At medium speed, four legs, two arms and one breath can be used. Due to the fast swimming speed of freestyle, it is required to start quickly, dash forward forcefully, glide short and surface as soon as possible. Therefore, the climbing table type flat shooting technique is often usedFreestyle kicks final chapter: Six kicks, ready to surpass others
Most people think that their freestyle kicks are 6 times. In fact, they are likely to be 10 times or 8 times or disorderly. The correct 6 times of kicks have strict requirements on the overall cooperation. To sum up the previous 2 times of kicks and 4 times of kicks, the ball will teach you the most commonly used kicking action "6 times of kicks" todayHow to practice kicking in freestyle
I'm a professional swimmer. First, I'll explain to you the action Self swimming kick  how to kick in freestyleof Freestyle leg. Pay attention to straightening the ankles and knees, and then drive the whole leg up and down from the waist to the thigh. It's normal to feel sore. Even if we play too much, we will feel sore. So if we feel sore for a while, we'll have a rest, and then continue to play persistentlyWhat is the formula for kicking freestyle
FSelf swimming kick  how to kick in freestyleree style kick pithy formula: thigh drive; Kneeling down; Straight knee up; Alternate feet; Draw water alternately. When kicking, the feet are slightly straight, the knee joint is relaxed, the foot board is flattened into an internal splay shape, the movement angle of the legs is about 30-40 cm in the water, and the legs are driven by the thighs when kicking upward. Lower legs relaxed and lifted close to the waterDo you have any tips for kicking in freestyle
Essentials of leg movements in freestyle 1 Although the leg stroke of Freestyle also has a certain promoting effect, it mainly plays a role in maintaining the balance of the body. 2. the knee bends naturally, but not too much. In this case, the calf is not strong enough to pump water, and the forward water resistance is increasedHow to hit the leg correctly in freestyle
So what is the right freestyle kick? The right freestyle kick can help you get the best propulsion and balance. There are two ways to test whether your freestyle kick is correct, one is by self-test, and the other is by the coach. It's easier for the coach to see if the freestyle is correct
Self swimming kick how to kick in freestyle

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